Waltham Butternut Squash - Organic

C. Moschata. 105 days. 25 Seeds per Packet approx.

By far the most widely grown open-pollinated butternut with delicious, finely textured dark orange flesh. Uniform fruits with smooth, tan skin that is easily peeled with a potato peeler. Our strain has been selected for uniformity of size, shape and yields. Excellent keeper if cured properly.

  • Stores well
  • Vining
  • Uniform, 4-5 lbs
  • Seeding Depth½-1”Plant SpacingPlant spacing: for bush varieties 18-24”, for vining 24-36”Row SpacingRow spacing: for bush, semi-bush and short vine types is 6’, for vigorous vining types use 9’. Plants can also be planted in hills of 3-5 plants in rows 3-5’ apart (bush types provide less weed suppression so are typically planted closer than vining types) for easier tractor cultivation.When to SowDays to maturity are from direct seeding, subtract 2 weeks if transplanting. Winter squash has a long season, requiring 90-120 frost free days to reach maturity, so it is usually transplanted in northern climates. It can also be direct seeded once danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures reach 70°F. Start transplants indoors 3-4 weeks before last risk of frost. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85-95°F.


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