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“We’re not big, but we’re small”
-Stuart McClean, CBC Personality
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We're all about pure and natural goodness. With our organic seeds, you're not just growing a garden, but nurturing the soil, preserving the earth, and building a healthier lifestyle from the ground up.



We believe nature's original blueprint is the best. That's why our seeds are non-GMO, helping you grow food that's full of authentic flavor and free of unknowns.



Our open-pollinated seeds embrace nature's diversity. You get to grow resilient crops that adapt to your garden's unique conditions over time, and even save seeds for the seasons to come.

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Easy, friendly transactions and fast delivery makes Saturday Seed Co. the place to go for seeds! The packages let you know what to expect but be sure to check the website for lots more useful growing info.

Aaron MacDonald

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I ordered online through his website and delivery was so fast I was not expecting it (same day)! He was very helpful and answered all of my questions online with speedy replies. I also found his website helpful with lots of information. Highly recommend!

Lisa Tran

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This shop is a small-business and it is a great source for seeds. Their ad showed up while I was scrolling up on my social media, so I tried buying some seeds. Packaging looks great and my seeds arrive a week later (in good condition). I was able to snatch some scotch bonnet and teddy bear sunflowers - you'll never find those in big box stores.

F.D Bunag

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Excellent customer service and product. I got nearly 100% germination rate on all veggie seeds.

Simon Smith

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You have got to love quality seeds delivered within a day. Buying local pays off! Matthew is friendly, funny and he loves seeds. I’m sure I’ll buy more when it’s seed starting time.

Donna Dubbin

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Lovely seeds from a lovely person. I'll be hitting up Saturday See Co. for my backyard garden again this summer. Can't wait!

Emma Silver

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Delivery Area?
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We're pleased to offer delivery anywhere in Canada for our gardening enthusiasts who are not in our local vicinity. If you reside nearby or find yourself in Guelph, we also offer free pickup at our location. Whichever way suits you best, rest assured we have a solution for getting our seeds to you.

Are these locally-sourced seeds?
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While a significant portion of our seeds are locally sourced from dedicated organic growers within our community, to offer a diverse portfolio, we also source high-quality, organic seeds from trusted partners outside our local vicinity. This mix ensures that we can provide both regional favorites and unique varieties for your garden.

How do open-pollinated seeds vary?
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Open-pollinated seeds are produced from the natural pollination process — either through insects, wind, or even self-pollination. Because of this, the plants tend to be more genetically diverse and resilient in different environmental conditions. They can vary in their shape, color, size, or taste, preserving nature's beauty in biodiversity.

Can I re-plant your seeds next season?
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Absolutely! One of the major advantages of open-pollinated seeds is that you can save and re-plant your seeds next season. They retain their characteristics, allowing you to grow a similar crop year after year. It's a beautiful way to maintain tradition and sustainability within your garden

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