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Our Story

Remember 2020? I do! And I’m sure you do too! For me, Matthew Forbes, a barber by trade, the lockdown posed many challenges. Suddenly, I wasn't allowed to work anymore and I needed to quickly pivot. I took the opportunity to embark on a passion project. I have always marveled at seeds. I love what they represent. I see hope, renewal, and beauty in all seeds. I founded Saturday Seed Co. with the hopes of curating a remarkable collection of seeds for gardeners who only want the best. I’m pretty sure I’ve done that and I am so proud to share them with you. Here’s to another year of getting our hands dirty and marveling at the miracle of good seeds and what comes of them.

Our Vision

At Saturday Seed Co., our vision is rooted in demystifying gardening. We envision a world where individuals, irrespective of their experience, can nurture their own food sources. Our aspiration is to empower home gardeners, providing them with quality, curated seeds that are organic, non-GMO, and open-pollinated.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to support and guide individuals on their journey of growing their own food. Saturday Seed Co. is not just a seed company; it's a commitment to fostering self-sufficiency and contributing to the broader community. We aim to build a repository of open-pollinated seeds, enabling our customers to save and share their own seeds, thereby promoting seed sovereignty.

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