Sorrento (Spring Raab) Rapini

200 seeds per packet approx.

DIRECT SEED: from early May until June 1st in the north or as late as the third week of June in central U.S.A.

Can also be sown later in the season started inside now for fall harvest. 55 days.

CULTURE: We recommend that you make at least 2 or 3 sowings at 5 day intervals to allow for bolting to seed. Sow seed as thin as possible (4-5 seeds per ft/30 cm) in well prepared or roto-tilled soil, in rows 3 ft/91 cm apart 0.25 in/6 mm deep, cover and firm. Thin plants to 18-24 in/46-61 cm apart when plants are 3 weeks old.

HARVEST: Tiny quarter sized blooms must be harvested each day, as they appear or plants will bolt to seed. Buds and stems must be cut before the yellow flower opens. Strip the course stem skins back to expose the tender inner stems.

Please Note: Rapine is related to Broccoli, It does not produce a central head and will bolt to seed quickly if the plant is subjected to unstable weather. Rapine is used for early spring and early summer crops, it is not recommended for fall planting. 


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