Shade Mix

Brighten shaded areas with this colorful mix.

Best for woodland edges and softly shaded areas. Mix contains:
• Aquilegia caerulea - Columbine, Giant (P)
• Aquilegia vulgaris - Columbine (P)
• Campanula carpatica - Tussock Bellflower (P)
• Leucanthemum X superbum - Shasta Daisy (P)
• Clarkia unguiculata - Clarkia (A)
• Collinsia heterophylla - Chinese Houses (A)
• Coreopsis lanceolata - Lanceleaf Coreopsis (P)
• Cynoglossum amabile - Chinese Forget-Me-Not (A)
• Consolida ambigua - Larkspur, Rocket (A)
• Dianthus barbatus - Sweet William (TP)
• Echinacea purpurea - Purple Coneflower (P)
• Gypsophila elegans - Baby's Breath (A)
• Iberis umbellat - Candytuft (A)
• Linaria maroccana - Spurred Snapdragon (A)
• Myosotis sylvatica - Forget-Me-Not (B)
• Nemophila menziesii - Baby Blue-Eyes (A)
• Papaver rhoeas - Corn Poppy (A)
• Viola cornuta - Pansy, Horned Violet (P)
(Varieties are subject to change depending upon availability).

Ht. 6–36". Packet: 600 seeds.


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