Rossa Di Milano Onion - Organic

250 seeds approx. per packet.

A superior strain of this classic, long-day Italian OP.

An onion so lovely, it's a shame to eat it. Selected by Johnny's breeder Dr. John Navazio under tough organic growing conditions, our 'Rossa di Milano' strain is up to 10 days earlier than others boasting the same name. One of the most thrips-resistant long-day onions in our trials. Bulbs are large to colossal in size and exhibit the true grano shape with distinctly flattened tops. Suited for long storage (6+ months) with thin necks that easily dry down. Strong, bronze-pink skins and great uniformity. An excellent cooking onion, Rossa di Milano contributes an abundance of sweetness and pungency to any cuisine. Your new favorite onion. Can be successfully grown in the northern reaches of the intermediate-day region.


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