Nino's Paste Tomato - Organic

Organic. Open-Pollinated. Non-GMO.

30 seeds per packet approx. 

85 days to maturity.

Amazingly delicious and sweet and succulent either in a paste or just fresh. Loads of meat and not so many seeds. Nice and wide and 5-6 inches long. Indeterminate tomato.

I grew these in Moffat at a family farm in an old horse paddock with lots of sun and good times.

The seeds come from a client at my barbershop who got them from his neighbour who lived next door to him for 60 years or so. This neighbour, Nino, brought the seeds from Italy when he emigrated. They have been adapted and habituated to our growing climate. They have green shoulders, a sure sign that they are heirloom. Enjoy and report back!!!


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