Guicoy Squash


Cucurbita pepo

An ancient vegetable. Effigies of Guicoy are found throughout late Mayan art. Still ubiquitous in Guatemala, these fruits may be used as zucchini (search “güicoyitos rellenos" for recipes) or allowed to mature into incredibly decorative pumpkins.

Rampant vines are prolific. Vines may be trellised or grown over a fence or sturdy a-frame. Squash should be harvested young for zucchini, just days after pollination, but can be hard to find amidst the foliage. Commit to regular thorough searching. Mature fruits are edible and delicious and suitable for soups and even pie, but are perhaps best for decorative use. A single Guicoy is an excellent conversation piece.

Sow seeds 1/2" to 1" deep into well-amended soil in full sun once soil has warmed to 70F. Be sure to give plants plenty of room. Water frequently until germinated. Mulch seedlings with compost first, then grass or straw and marigold clippings if you have them, up to about 2" from stems. If you have squash vine borers, consider wrapping growing stems with foil or florists tape. Water frequently. Fertilize with dilute fish extract weekly.

Unique, historic, and highly recommended.

Packet contains 10 seeds.

From our friends at Farmacie Isolde


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