Dolciva Carrot - Organic

105 days to maturity.

250 seeds per packet approx.

Great sweet flavor, juicy crunch, and incredibly long storage life. Swiss-bred variety. Slightly tapered roots have good uniformity, bright color and strong tops. Widely adapted and versatile for bunching or storage; rated 20-30% higher in sugars than Bolero F1 over 9 months in storage. From Swiss biodynamic seed company Sativa Seeds.

  • Long storing
  • High brix
  • 8" Nantes-type
  • Soil Nutrients and RequirementsDo best in fertile sandy loam, but will perform well under most conditions if appropriate varieties are chosen. For compact soils choose tapered carrots that can wedge their way into soils like Chantenays or Danvers types. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 55-75°F.Best quality arises from raised beds, free of stones and debris. Imperator types should only be grown on raised beds that have 10-12” tilled zones.Seeding Depth1/4-1/2"Plant SpacingThin to 1-2" depending on desired sizeRow Spacing18-24"When to SowDirect seed as soon as soil can be worked in the spring through mid-summer.Other ConsiderationsWeeding shortly after germination allows slow-growing carrots to get a head start against fast-growing weeds.HarvestHarvest when carrots have appropriate coloring and flavor has developed. Carrots hold well in the field for up to 3 weeks in the summer and longer in cool conditions. Some varieties, like Napoli, may be over wintered outdoors or in the high tunnel for an early spring harvest. For storage carrots dig roots after frost but before ground freezes.StorageStore topped carrots in near freezing temperatures with high humidity. Unwashed carrots store just as well as washed but may stain during storage.


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