Bull's Blood Beet - Organic

Organic. Open-Pollinated. Non-GMO.

250 seeds per packet approx.

35-40 days for baby leaf. 55-60 days for roots.

Dual-purpose heirloom. Deep red leaves are sweeter than radicchio and the young tops make an attractive addition to salad mixes. The scarlet roots are uniform with a sweet, wholesome flavour and best when harvested young.

Direct sow late April to mid-July. Beets will not produce roots if planted when the soil is too cold. Seeds will germinate in 5-12 days, depending on soil temperature. Optimal soil temperature: 10-26°C (50-80°F).

Sow 1cm (½”) deep, 5-10cm (2-4″) apart in rows 30-45cm (12-18″) apart.

Ideal pH: 6.0-6.8. For uniformly sized beets, thin carefully to 7-15cm (3-6″) apart when seedlings are 5cm (2″) tall. Eat thinned plants, roots and all. root size is controlled by spacing and variety.

Harvest at any size, but for the best flavour, pull the beets as soon as they have reached full-size. Eat the greens too. Store in the ground, or in moist peat or sand just above freezing.


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